Our Responsibilities to Each Other

In addition to the Code of Ethics, Realogy maintains Key Employment Policies. These Key Employment Policies provide more detailed guidance on the responsibilities we have to each other. These policies establish Realogy’s commitment to providing a safe and diverse work environment free of discrimination and harassment, and the employees’ responsibilities for safeguarding their workplace environment.

All employees are expected to comply with the Key Employment Policies and to consult with managers or Human Resources representatives with any questions regarding these policies.

Commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employment

At Realogy, we believe in diversity of people, ideas and viewpoints and the value of diversity to Realogy, its customers and shareholders. As a result, we are committed to creating an inclusive work environment of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, beliefs and experiences that is free from discrimination, harassment and intimidation. We do not tolerate any discrimination based on protected characteristics in any of our employment practices.

Our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy provides further detail about our commitment to these goals and our compliance with employment laws. If you witness or experience discrimination in the workplace, report it to your manager, a Human Resources representative, the Ethics & Compliance department or the Code of Ethics Line.

Intolerance of Favoritism

We treat employees fairly and impartially in all of our employment practices. Our culture rewards employees based on their merit, job performance and accomplishments. We do not allow any form of favoritism, based solely on personal, social or financial relationships, to influence employment practices. We work to address situations where either actual or perceived favoritism may exist and do not allow or give preferential treatment to our clients, vendors, independent contractors or any other third parties based on personal, social or financial relationships.

For more information about reporting and addressing these issues, see the Personal Relationships and Perception of Favoritism Policy.

keyKey Terms


A legally protected characteristic may include race, ancestry, place of origin, color, religion, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, sexual preference, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, family status, veteran status, disability, pregnancy status, genetic information and any other characteristic protected under applicable laws.


Includes all aspects of employment, such as recruitment, hiring, performance management, compensation, job assignment, business travel, training, promotion, discipline and termination.

As an employee…

I will:

Treat all coworkers fairly and equally.

I will not:

Provide or withhold job-related opportunities or benefits to coworkers based on their race, sex, age, religion or any other protected characteristic.

Conduct business with clients, vendors, independent contractors and any other third parties based solely on business benefits to Realogy. Favor any clients, vendors, independent contractors and any other third parties based on personal, social or financial relationships.

As a manager…

I will:

Hire employees based solely on business need and the candidates’ qualifications and ability to perform the work required.

I will not:

Provide or deny employment opportunity to any candidate based on race, sex, age or any other protected characteristic.

Not favor, or appear to favor, any employee based on a personal, social or financial relationship outside of work. Provide special treatment to any employee based on personal, social or financial relationships.
Promote or compensate employees based solely on skills, experience and merit. Provide or withhold promotions or compensation from employees based on any protected characteristic.

Freedom from Harassment

We are all responsible for maintaining a productive work environment free of harassment. We treat each other with respect and do not commit or tolerate harassment in any form against an employee, client, vendor, independent contractor or other third party. If you witness or experience harassment in the workplace, report it to your manager, a Human Resources representative, the Ethics & Compliance department or the Code of Ethics Line. Remember that you can make these reports without fear of retaliation because Realogy protects employees from any form of retaliation when making a good faith report.

We all must understand and comply with Realogy’s Prohibited Harassment Policy.


keyKey Term


Conduct that inappropriately interferes with our work, diminishes an employee’s dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. This conduct can be verbal, visual or physical and includes disrespectful or hostile activity such as slurs, negative stereotyping, teasing, bullying (cyber, emotional or physical), exclusion and threats.

It can also include requests for sexual favors, sexually explicit language or jokes, displaying sexually suggestive pictures or objects, unwelcome sexual advances, or inappropriate touching.


My work group, including my manager, often makes sexually explicit jokes that make me uncomfortable, though no one else seems to mind. What should I do?

Realogy does not condone this kind of behavior. If you feel comfortable speaking about the issue with your manager, you can certainly do so. Our open-door communication culture empowers you to raise the concern without fear of retaliation. However, you can also report this concern to a Human Resources representative, the Ethics & Compliance department or the Code of Ethics Line.

Safe Workplace

We take the safety of our employees very seriously. We are committed to providing a safe workplace free of health and safety hazards. Each of us is responsible for complying with relevant health and safety laws and company policies. We all share the responsibility for helping to maintain a workplace free of hazards. If you become aware of an unsafe condition within any Realogy facility, please notify your manager immediately.

A safe workplace also extends to our work outside the office. We must act safely and consider the safety of others when performing our work for Realogy, including not texting or email while driving—no matter how urgent the matter may seem.

Non-Violent Workplace

Our work environment must be free from violence. We do not allow weapons or explosives on our work premises. We do not tolerate threats, intimidation, aggression or violent behavior of any kind.

If you witness any behaviors of concern or become aware of an unsafe, dangerous or violent situation, promptly report it to your manager, a Human Resources representative, the Ethics & Compliance department or the Code of Ethics Line. Consult Realogy’s Non-Violent Workplace Policy for more information.

Alcohol and Drug-Free Environment

We maintain a work environment that is free of substance abuse. You may not use, be under the influence of, or possess illegal drugs in the work environment. You should also ensure that your performance, safety and judgment are not impaired during work hours by the use of alcohol, prescription drugs or other legal substances.

For more information on substance abuse, testing, assistance programs and confidentiality of related information, please consult Realogy’s Drug and Substance Abuse Policy.

We recognize that alcohol may at times be provided at company-sponsored events or with a business meal. You should ensure that your consumption of alcohol does not impair your performance and judgment while you perform your job and that you behave at all times in accordance with Realogy’s Standards of Work-Related Behavior Policy.

keyKey Terms


Behavioral indicators that can help predict violent behavior. Examples include fits of rage, angry outbursts, statements or behavior that imply violence, acts of intimidation and preoccupation with vengeance or weapons.



We all have a role in the makeup of our company’s culture. We are each responsible for creating and maintaining a respectful, safe and productive work environment where we are proud to work and grow professionally. We are empowered to take action when we experience or witness behaviors that damage this culture.