Realogy’s Interests, Property & Resources

Respecting Company Resources

Our company provides us with many resources, including supplies and information technology resources, to help us perform our work and achieve our business objectives. These resources are provided to advance the business interests of Realogy. We are all stewards of these resources and must use them responsibly in a professional, ethical and lawful manner. You may not waste, abuse or destroy Realogy’s resources for any reason or use them for purposes other than for the benefit of our company. Proper care, discretion and restraint should always govern the use of Realogy’s assets, including incidental personal use. In addition, all employees are responsible for protecting Realogy’s resources from fraud, theft and misappropriation. Realogy’s Anti-Fraud Policy and Information Security Policy provide full guidance.

Use of Information Technology Resources and Assets

Realogy may provide you with information technology resources to help you perform your job. While incidental personal use is permitted on a limited basis, you may not use, or permit any third party to use, Realogy-owned software, networks, electronic systems or equipment for non-Realogy commercial purposes. Realogy management reserves the right, where permitted by law, to monitor and review its information technology resources, and unless expressly granted by local law, you should not expect personal privacy when using such resources or with respect to data stored on them. To protect our company systems, we do not allow employees to install any software programs, devices or applications on Realogy’s information technology resources unless authorized by the Information Technology department. Realogy’s Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy provides detailed guidance on proper business use and prohibitions regarding our information technology resources.

Proper Use of Social Media

You should be familiar with and follow Realogy’s Social Media Policy. While you have legal rights to use social media, you may never officially speak for or represent Realogy or its subsidiaries unless authorized to do so by Realogy’s Communications department. You should also be aware that in certain jurisdictions, even seemingly innocent acts such as endorsing Realogy’s products or services may violate fair-advertising regulations if done without proper disclosure of your relationship with the company. You may not use Realogy’s information technology resources to use social media in a way that would violate our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, Prohibited Harassment Policy, Non-Violent Workplace Policy or the law. Finally, you should never disclose Realogy’s or its subsidiaries’ confidential information using social media.


In my off-hours, I manage a small business that does website development for other small businesses and charitable organizations. May I use a company-issued laptop, phone, or email during my lunch break to troubleshoot issues or to schedule work and appointments for evenings and weekends?

No. Company assets, such as company laptops, phones, fax machines or email, may never be used for personal gain or profit, regardless of when the employee wishes to use the assets. Network access is also considered a company asset and is intended for use by employees for legitimate business purposes and never for personal gain or profit. You should also report this business to the Code of Ethics Line as a potential conflict of interest.


Ownership and Protection of Intellectual Property

Realogy’s success is based in part on our development and protection of world-renowned real estate brands and other intellectual property. As a Realogy employee, you must safeguard Realogy’s intellectual property, as well as the intellectual property of our clients, vendors, independent contractors and other third parties. Intellectual property can include our brand logos, trademarks, written materials, patents and other intangible assets. You may not use Realogy’s or its brands’ logos or letterhead or any other company trademarks, copyrighted materials or other intellectual property for your personal use. To the extent allowed under applicable law, Realogy will be considered at the time of development, or will become through transfer, the owner of all rights in any intellectual property asset that you develop or acquire in the course of performing work or services for Realogy.

At Realogy, we also respect the intellectual property of others, including our clients, vendors, independent contractors and other third parties. You should not reproduce, destroy or alter copyrighted materials, including photos, without permission of the copyright owner or use or copy trademarks or logos without the permission of the brand owner. In addition, you should always use software, including open-source software, according to its license terms.


I have a LinkedIn® account that shows my employment at Realogy on my profile. Am I allowed to post work-related messages?

You are allowed to post messages on social media as long as you do not claim to represent Realogy or any of its subsidiaries, or endorse our products and services without disclosing your position at Realogy. In addition, your posts must not violate the law or disclose Realogy’s confidential information. You should not use your company email address to register a personal social media account or any other personal account.

What are some examples of intellectual property I may encounter working for Realogy?

The best examples are our brand names and logos, such as Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, CENTURY 21, Coldwell Banker, Coldwell Banker Commercial, ERA, Sotheby’s International Realty, ZipRealty, NRT, Corcoran Group, Cartus and Title Resource Group. Other examples include software source code and photographs.

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Intangible asset created for, or licensed to, our company by employees, vendors, independent contractors or other third parties. Examples are patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, software, business methods, designs, technical data, business know-how, company manuals and other inventions.



We all work hard to establish Realogy as a leader in the real estate industry. Our company’s strength relies on our ability to optimize and safeguard its assets—both physical and intellectual.